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IPHCA AC23, October 11-12
French Lick Springs Hotel

Our Annual Conference is now over for another year!

Thank you to everyone who attended, to our amazing speakers, sponsors and exhibitors. You all made AC23 something really special.

See below a roundup of what happened.

Highlights from the IPHCA Annual Conference 2023

Exploring Key Takeaways and Noteworthy Moments

The Indiana Primary Health Care Association Annual Conference has again brought together professionals, exhibitors, and experts to discuss and share insights on pressing healthcare issues.

The conference, held October 11th  and 12th in French Lick, covered various topics and provided a platform for in-depth discussions, addressing stigma, and networking opportunities. Like previous editions, this year’s conference demonstrated our commitment to advancing healthcare initiatives for all Hoosiers and the chance to further learn about Values-Based Care & Payment. 

Let’s delve into the key takeaways and memorable moments that marked the event.

Value-Based Care & Payment
One area of great interest for all attendees was value-based care & payment. As the organization and our members continue to focus on moving forward to achieve maximum benefit with the formation of a clinically integrated network (CIN), this learning series got in-depth in many areas of the discussion. 

These included technology use, clinician minimization of cost while maximizing quality, MCE SDOH resource availability to support the network, financial structuring, and operational shift to and integration of a CIN. 

This learning series was made possible by the generous support of CareSource. 

Innovations in Technology and Data Analysis
Advancements in technology have continued to revolutionize patient engagement and in-room practices. From predictive analytics to telemedicine, speakers showcased how leveraging technological innovations can enhance healthcare delivery and disease surveillance.

Additionally, several presentations focused on the use of IT tools in day-to-day operations.

Addressing Social Determinants of Health
Health disparities remain a significant challenge. The conference shed light on initiatives to reduce these disparities, such as improving access to healthcare services in underserved communities and advocating for policies that reduce stigma and prioritize health equity. Thought-provoking sessions prompted attendees to critically examine the root causes of these disparities and brainstorm actionable strategies. 

Topics included food insecurity, AIDS/HIV stigma, mental health, suicide, and substance abuse, which focused on considering cultural, social, and economic factors.

Memorable Moments
Beyond the thought-provoking sessions, the conference also featured inspiring stories of individuals and organizations making a difference in their communities. Attendees were treated to keynote addresses from renowned public figures, a one-of-a-kind immersive learning experience in the desert, learning the safari way to success and happiness,  interactive workshops, celebrating the champions of healthcare, and networking events that fostered meaningful connections and collaborations.

As the IPHCA Annual Conference 2023 comes to a close, the momentum generated by the discussions, insights, and collaborations will undoubtedly reverberate throughout our health community. The event served as a reminder of the shared goal – to create a healthier Hoosier community – and reinforced the idea that progress in public health requires continuous learning, open dialogue, and a collective effort.

With the conference’s success as a foundation, attendees and participants are encouraged to carry forward the lessons learned and connections made, ensuring that the spirit of IPHCA’s mission extends beyond the event itself.

As the world continues to navigate challenges, old and new, the commitment to advancing public health remains unwavering, and the IPHCA and our members stand as a beacon of inspiration and collaboration in this vital endeavor.

We look forward to seeing you again at the 2024 annual conference and all the events throughout the year. 

I challenge you all to continue to ask, 

‘What’s possible.”

IPHCA Clinical Team

IPHCA Clinical Integration team members, L-R: Devan Busenbark, Nicole Stilianos, Karla Marin, Lyndsey White, Maggie Kroeff Streiff

Opening session

Opening session

Door Prize Winners

IPHCA CFO Sean Herbold with two of our lucky door prize winners, Marc Hackett and Laura Pryor. Not pictured are Mark Broeker and Jennifer Henderson.

Nancy Curd w Jane Pauley Employee of the year crop

Nancy Curd recieves her award for Employee of the Year

The AC23 mobile app stays live!

Although the conference is over, you can continue to use the app to stay informed with important announcements from the organizers, or keep in touch with other attendees. The app will also carry content from the event, so you can look back on your experience.

Download here!

AC23 Smartphone 3

IPHCA Annual Awards

Take a moment to celebrate and recognise the people in your communities who have made a real difference in the last year.

Click the award to find out about all the winners!

Click here for details on each award and the nominations criteria.


For those of you who attended - please use the surveys available on the Whova app to tell us about your experience.

You can fill out our survey easily through the Whova app:

  • On Mobile: Tap “Surveys” under Additional Resources on the event home page.
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Thanks once again - we had a blast!

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