At the core of IPHCA’s mission is the ability to support CHCs to deliver quality care to patients by reflecting an inter-disciplinary approach in providing relevant resources to address health center needs.

Our goal is to provide useful resources and information to support clinical integration.

IPHCA Clinical Integration

IPHCA Clinical is led by Nicole Stilianos, Chief Clinical Officer.

Nicole serves as IPHCA’s medical subject matter expert and represents IPHCA as the chief clinical officer in relationships with outside healthcare organizations and with federal and state officials.

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IPHCA Oral Health is led by Karla Marin, Oral Health Program Director

Karla has wide experience as a dentist and in clinical dental settings.  Her role at IPHCA is to develop and coordinates programming for oral health integration and to provide technical assistance resources and training for CHCs aimed at the development and/or strengthening of oral health programs. Our team also hopes to enhance the public perception of the value of oral health as part of a holistic approach to public health .

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Behavioral Health is led by Lyndsey White, Behavioral Health and SUD Director

Lyndsey White, LCSW, holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Kent State University. The primary focus of her work has been on understanding the dynamics impacting co-morbid mental health, physical health, and substance use disorders.

Lyndsey has worked with the Indiana Department of Child Services, Wabash family drug treatment court, Partnership for a Drug-Free Johnson County, and the Addictions Committee of the Indiana Council of Community Mental Health Centers.

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IPHCA Quality Improvement is led by Maggie Kroeff Strieff.

Our goal is to support community health centers’ quality improvement efforts by focusing on a systems approach to improve care delivery.

Focus on Quality
is a webinar series where Indiana’s community health centers work collectively to address the needs of the populations, they serve every day. Every month, Focus on Quality will highlight a specific population and feature content experts and identified tools, along with peer best practice sharing, to improve the health and well-being of that population. Read more

• For more infomation on the Focus on Quality series, please contact Maggie Kroeff Strieff

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