IPHCA Membership makes a big difference

IPHCA Membership brings you:

Government Policy - Advice, support and advocacy at local, state and federal government levels puts the interests of Community Health Centers top-of-mind for legislators.

Connection to a thriving network of national, statewide, and local health-focused organizations.

Consultation, advice, and assistance from IPHCA experts can help your team establish, expand, or operate a Community Health Center —including securing new funding sources.

Discounted training and education sessions keep your providers and administrators up to date on the latest health care trends, guidance, rules, and recommendations.

Group Purchasing Membership gives your health center access to group discounts through a robust vendor network.

Leadership and participation opportunities on IPHCA committees make sure you’re at the table when vital decisions are made.

News, studies, surveys, and reports through IPHCA’s periodic and issue-specific publications help your organization stay at the forefront.

Recruitment Services offered at no cost to members — help find professionals to fill positions for physicians and other clinical staff.

To become an IPHCA member, get started by contacting our membership team.

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