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The Indiana Quality Improvement Network (IQIN) is a network of Community Health Centers who work together to improve the quality and value of care provided to Indiana's most vulnerable residents.

By using health information technology and data, health centers are able to change the way they deliver care to produce better health outcomes for their patients. IQIN's participating health centers learn from and share with each other in learning communities to escalate the speed of change.

IQIN resources are available to participating health centers on the IQIN PHCs Share Point Site.

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  • IQIN Participating Health Centers

The Indiana Quality Improvement Network supports the work of 26 health centers across Indiana. IQIN health centers are urban and rural, large and small.

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Angela Boyer IQIN Director

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Dashboard for Health Centers in Indiana

IQIN has provided an interactive dashboard for health centers in Indiana. The dashboards allows stakeholders and health centers to easily access information about community health centers across Indiana.

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IQIN Dashboard

Telehealth Optimization Program

IQIN has partnered with national clinical and telehealth experts from  Health Management Associates (HMA) to provide a series of telehealth webinars and in-depth telehealth assessment and individual technical assistance to IQIN participating health centers. 

For more information please contact:
Funke Oladele
, IQIN Quality Improvement Coordinator

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IQIN Goals

IQIN shares common goals and objectives with Indiana's participating health centers and other Health Center Controlled Networks across the nation. These goals and objectives drive our common work to advance health centers' use of health IT and data to transform care.

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