Virtual care at home

What is CHC Virtual Care @ Home?

CHC Virtual Care@Home allows patients to stay in their home to recover from an illness or manage an acute disease that does not require the full level of care available at a hospital, but more regular check-in with providers than usual, without the need to travel to a provider.

Patients receiving care through CHC Virtual Care@Home can have nursing check-ins, periodic monitoring of vitals, and virtual visits by a physician or other clinician so that they can stay at home.

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Why CHC Virtual Care @ Home?

  • Social Distancing: During times of public health emergency, like the current COVID-19 pandemic, patients who are at risk for serious health complications if they are infected need to limit their exposure to other individuals who may be infected.
  • Hospital Surge Capacity: Hospitals may need to divert their precious resources to caring for the most critical patients when the disease surges. Some hospitals may need to discharge patients to home who are medically able to receive CHC Virtual Care @ Home services, allowing space to provide critical Care to new patients.

What services are offered through CHC Virtual Care @ Home?

  • Two levels of care are provided through CHC Virtual Care @ Home, including remote monitoring of vitals and coordination of services with EMS, home health, AAA, Long Term Care Facilities, and respite services if needed.

What services cannot be provided through CHC Virtual Care @ Home at this time?

  • If the patient needs more services than can be provided at CHC Virtual Care @ Home, the primary care provider may refer the patient to a higher level of care.
  • CHC Virtual Care @ Home is not able to provide continuous 24-hour care and monitoring.

Who is providing CHC Virtual Care @ Home in my community?

  • Community Health Centers (CHCs), including Federally Qualified Health Centers and Look-Alikes,  provide CHC Virtual Care @ Home in communities across the state, collaborating with hospitals, emergency management services, home health agencies, and other partners.
  • CHCs provide a full range of primary care and other support services to keep patients healthy in their clinic sites and home.
  • CHCs provide CHC Virtual Care @ Home and all of their services to patients regardless of their ability to pay, often on a sliding scale based on patient’s income, and accept most insurances.

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