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Oral health facts your patients don’t know

How much do your patients know about oral health?

Market research platform DentaVox asked 5,551 people how their lifestyle affected their oral health. The responses weren’t always accurate, especially when it came to alcohol and smoking. “Habits such as alcohol drinking, smoking, food choices, and stress levels tremendously influence our health and teeth,” the survey stated. “But how aware are people of these factors?”

The survey asked 5,551 people how their lifestyle habits — particularly drinking, smoking, food choices, and stress — affected their oral health.

Survey respondents — 82% to be exact — correctly thought that alcohol consumption can cause dry mouth. There were some misconceptions, however, about alcohol.

Roughly one-third of survey participants thought alcohol was better for teeth than Coca-Cola because of its lower sugar content. This is not the case, DentaVox said.

Alcohol damages teeth by dehydrating the mouth, staining teeth, and increasing acidity levels. In addition, many alcoholic drinks contain more sugar than Coca-Cola. One other alcohol-related myth that 22% of respondents believed is that alcohol kills bacteria and therefore eliminates dental plaque …

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