Angela Boyer

Chief Strategy Officer

Angela Boyer is a graduate from Indiana University with a Bachelor of Science degree is Medical Technology and a Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration, where her academic concentrations were in health policy and health economics with particular interest in disadvantaged and medically underserved populations. Angela’s professional career has focused on improving access to quality primary care services for Indiana’s vulnerable communities. Her professional experience includes leadership in health workforce development programs; health services research and evaluation; Medicare and Medicaid risk-based managed care plans; and Indiana Medicaid medical policy analysis. She has held positions on a number of local and national boards and committees, notably including service on an FQHC board and NACHC Public Policy and Board Member committees.

Role at IPHCA

The Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) advances IPHCA’s mission by aligning, organizing and driving the strategic goals of the Association.  This position is an executive management position and requires an advanced level of ability in order to direct the work of teams across the Association. The CSO will provide high-level, cross-functional direction for the Association, with a focus on grants, programs, and value-based care.

Key Job Duties

Develops and leads both activities and staff to ensure the attainment of strategic goals.

Lead the alignment of IPHCA programs and teams with strategic, grant, and other programmatic goals

Provides leadership for the HCCN committee, with responsibilities for the work and progress of IQIN

Develops, builds, and maintains relationships and communications with all IPHCA members and key external partners

Represents IPHCA in meetings, conferences, and other settings, to include high-level meetings with significant impact on the work and direction of the Association

Coordinates and deploys resources as needed to meet individual PHC and HCCN goals and support projects.

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