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NorthShore ribboncutting

NorthShore Health clinic now open in Schererville Strack & Van Til

IPHCA member North Shore Health Centers celebrates opening their new location in Schererville

See the video from the ribbon cutting ceremony here

From NWITimes.com August 10, 2021

You know your health screening can’t be put off, plus you may need a prescription – but tonight’s dinner could be a bust if you don’t get the grocery shopping done. How can you fit both in among the day’s other demands?

Thankfully, three Strack & Van Til locations have the answer. The grocery store chain has invited NorthShore Health Centers to provide primary health care clinics right in the stores. The clinic at the Schererville store opened Monday; the Crown Point and St. John locations are scheduled to open later in the fall.

Patients can check in at the clinic, then go get their shopping done in the store. They’ll get a text letting them know the clinic is ready to see them.

Nanette Lindesmith, clinical manager for the clinics at Strack & Van Til and nurse practitioner at the Crown Point clinic, said the clinics will be staffed with board-certified nurse practitioners who will provide the services of a family practice. “In private exam rooms we’ll see patients of every age, from babies to older adults, for everything from an annual wellness exam to preventive screenings to mild illnesses,” Lindesmith said.

The convenience is especially important along the busy corridor of U.S. 41, where shopping and health care services may be near each other but completely separate. Coordinating visits to each can mean significant times reserved for each. NorthShore’s innovative concept of clinics at Strack & Van Til stores brings primary care right to the patients. It’s particularly timely given the rapid growth in the area that can contribute to more time and gas money spent for health, wellness and shopping. “It’s really convenient for people who may have to manage several responsibilities for themselves and their families,” Lindesmith said.

Lindesmith said lab services will be available, eliminating the need to go to a hospital or other health care center to have the lab work done. Another standout feature of the in-store NorthShore clinics: “Our nurse practitioners can write prescriptions,” Lindesmith said. As a federally qualified health provider, NorthShore pharmacies can get some of the best medications on the market for a great price.

NorthShore’s commitment is to take care of not only the individual patient, but also the family as a whole. Goals for patients’ well-being are planned in accordance with NorthShore Health Centers’ commitment to offering the most current knowledge about effective care, including but not limited to:

• Well-child visits, lead screening, Hgb (Hemoglobin) test and immunizations at recommended ages
• A1C blood sugar test monitoring
• Annual cholesterol checkup
• Management of high blood pressure for patients with a hypertension diagnosis

“With our communities’ health in mind, NorthShore services at the three Strack & Van Til clinic locations can also include recommendations for healthful lifestyle modifications,” Lindesmith said.

NorthShore’s medical professionals urge that people stop in for wellness appointments so any problems can be recognized and managed.

NorthShore is committed to offering safe health care during the COVID-19 pandemic. “Nurse practitioners and their staff will follow all recommended safely protocols, including masks, gloves and sanitizing between patient visits,” Lindesmith said.

At every location, nurse practitioners know patients need to feel able to be open about their health concerns. Courteous and compassionate professionals offer a wide range of services for everyone, through private insurance, Medicare or Medicaid and for those who have no health insurance. NorthShore offers assistance to people who face challenges in obtaining health care, so those who didn’t have access to health services can receive them now.

No one without insurance is turned away and every patient receives the same high-quality care. But NorthShore will work with patients to try to find insurance options for them or help put them on a sliding scale for payments.  Patients can count on the same exceptional and compassionate care that is a hallmark of all 10 of NorthShore’s other locations across Lake, Porter and LaPorte Counties.

The collaboration between NorthShore Health Centers and Strack & Van Til reflects the stores’ long tradition of contributing to the betterment of the communities it serves.  For decades the largest grocery store in Northwest Indiana has provided quality products, including those sourced from local farms. The roots of company executives and store managers run deep in Northwest Indiana, where they grew up and attended schools. Generations of Northwest Indiana families have worked for the company. Helping to provide health care is a natural extension of Strack & Van Til’s robust support of the Region’s communities.

NorthShore’s commitment remains strong in providing access to affordable and culturally sensitive care. Its mission to provide excellent care for the people in its communities extends to every interaction with its patients as part of embracing the community and making a difference. The desire is strong to care for patients and provide quality, state-of-the-art health care as well as ease of access for the communities, Lindesmith said.

“The community needs more options for accessible and reliable health care. NorthShore in the three Strack & Van Til locations provides access to health care for the entire family in one of the most convenient settings. I know the community will find value and benefit in knowing that they can rely on quality health care with us,” Lindesmith said.

       NorthShore Health Centers … The Right Care … For Our Community.

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