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page 3 Communicating Changes to Medicaid - Ways You Can Help Hoosiers Stay Insured

Communicating Changes to Medicaid

Ways You Can Help Hoosiers Stay Insured: A Toolkit

Whatever the color of our skin or the contents of our wallet, all Hoosiers should be able to prevent, treat, or recover from illness or injury without fearing bankruptcy.
For over two million Hoosiers, Medicaid provides the essential healthcare coverage we all need. But there are changes coming to Medicaid which could result in hundreds of thousands of us losing health insurance coverage in 2023. 

This toolkit is a collaborative effort of many organizations who serve Hoosiers with Medicaid. We hope you will join us in our collective effort to ensure Hoosiers either keep their Medicaid or find other health insurance coverage when Medicaid changes in 2023. With one in three Hoosiers covered by Medicaid, we need an “all hands on deck” approach to avoid a dramatic decrease in the number of Hoosiers with health insurance.  

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Toolkit prepared in association with: Covering Kids and Families and Hoosier Action Resource Center

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