Innovative Insurance Programs Designed for FQHCs 

If you are looking to better control unemployment claims, re-evaluate business insurance needs and manage unsustainable health insurance costs, attend this complimentary webinar designed specifically for FQHC leaders.

Marsh & McLennan AgencyFirst Nonprofit, and Nonstop Administration & Insurance Services, Inc. know that the traditional models of funding for insurance are cost-prohibitive for many FQHCs. That’s why they’ve teamed up to share insights and proven solutions in the unemployment insurance, business insurance, and health insurance spaces.

Key webinar takeaways:

  • Exposure to innovative funding models for critical insurance needs that impact
    your bottom line, your HR team, and your people;
  • How reimagining common insurance purchasing strategies in the areas of unemployment, business, and health can lead to greater savings and reduced administrative burden; 
  • What you can do to increase employee retention and recruitment while also
    keeping organizational costs down through alternative approaches to insurance solutions.

If you’re responsible for the management and growth of an FQHC and are looking for new ways to tackle escalating insurance costs across multiple categories, register for the February 7th webinar here.

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