Sexual Health Awareness

STD Clinical Prevention Training

Sexual Health Awareness Month

Community Connections, Nationwide Impacts: CDC’s National Network of STD Clinical Prevention Training Centers Delivers Vital Support to Clinicians

Sexually transmitted disease (STD) rates are at all-time highs, with everyone from Gen Z’ers to Baby Boomers at risk of infection. For healthcare providers, comprehensive assistance is available to tackle this surge.

Community Connections, Nationwide Impacts: CDC Success Stories

Thanks to CDC’s National Network of STD Clinical Prevention Training Centers (NNPTC), an extensive educational and healthcare training system throughout the U.S., clinicians have access to crucial clinical resources to help diagnose, treat, and prevent STDs.

>>> View / download this flyer publication from CDC (pdf)

For more than 50 years, CDC has worked with programs to prevent the spread of STDs across the United States. This page includes STD prevention success stories made possible by these programs, as well as by CDC and other federal agencies.

Click here for more publications from CDC’s STI Prevention unit

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