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Senior Smiles

A healthy mouth is more than just a nice smile. It helps you to eat, drink, talk and smile. And since oral health and overall health are connected, having a healthy smile can help keep the rest of your body healthy, too. DDF has these great educational materials and resources:

Senior Smiles: Cavities don’t stop with childhood. Maintaining a good oral health care routine, with regular visits to the dentist, is important for seniors who want to keep their smiles.

Medications and Your Mouth: Medications are designed to help you feel better, but some can have negative side effects on your oral health.

Oral Health and Caregivers: When an older adult enters a long-term care facility, family and caregivers need to make sure oral hygiene remains a priority.

Caring for Your Dentures: Wearing dentures doesn’t mean you have to hide from the camera. With routine dental visits and good oral health, you can smile for years to come.

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