IPHCA invites you to join NACHC Elevate program

Ready for Value-Based Care? Join NACHC’s Elevate

IPHCA invites you to join the NACHC Elevate Learning Forum and take the Value Transformation Framework Assessment

IPHCA is leveraging the NACHC Value Transformation Framework and the VTF Assessment to prepare health centers for VBC and we would like to ask you to join Elevate and at a minimum take the CHC Organizational Assessment and make sure to Check the box to share the results with the PCA.

Elevate Learning Forum
Elevate is a national learning forum of Community of Health Centers and partners coming together to transform systems and enhance value. Elevate offers a collaborative environment for sharing experiences and learning organized by the Value Transformation Framework (VTF).

To get started click to register: NACHC Elevate Registration

Elevate is FREE to all health centers, health center look-alikes, primary care associations (PCAs), and health center-controlled networks (HCCNs). Download the Elevate Fact Sheet

Value Transformation Framework (VTF) Assessment
The VTF Assessment is a tool with 15 questions, one for each of the VTF Change Areas. These items note the key components of each Change Area and give a rubric from Learning to Expert. For each Change Area, staff chooses the level that best reflects their organization’s current processes and capabilities.

Take the VTF Assessment Today!

Benefit: Access to the VTF Assessment tool will help assist your organization’s progress in areas of system change and allows benchmarking with peers across the nation.

For all details including resources, videos and events, visit the Elevate homepage

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