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A selection of quality improvement resources from the IQIN team for September 2023

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 Childhood Obesity Month: Using Electronic Health Records to Support Decision-Making in Pediatric Obesity Care  

Childhood obesity remains a highly prevalent public health issue and contributes to significant short- and long-term adverse health outcomes. While expert guidance exists to support pediatric obesity-related health care, pediatric primary care clinicians often fail to follow this guidance due to competing priorities within the constraints of a routine well-child care visit. Electronic health records (EHRs) have the potential to improve clinicians’ diagnosis and treatment of obesity by providing tools such as reminders and clinical decision support (CDS).

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Suicide Prevention Month:
How Can We Leverage Technology for Better Suicide Prevention 

Technology hasn’t yet played the role many expected it would in helping to prevent suicides. But leveraging digital health and machine learning in three areas believed to contribute to suicide deaths could go far in helping save people’s lives, says a “Viewpoint” column published in JAMA Psychiatry.

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Recovery Month: Opioid Epidemic & Health IT

This resource provides background on the role health IT plays in fighting the opioid epidemic in the United States. It presents health IT strategies that clinicians can use to address the problem. 

These strategies and resources can help improve opioid prescribing practices, inform clinical practice, protect patients at risk for opioid use disorder, and reduce diversion.

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Aging Awareness  Month: Addressing the Personal Health Information Management Needs of Older Adults

As older adults age, they are faced with changes in functioning, chronic diseases, and care transitions. As the largest consumers of healthcare, how they manage their health has profound consequences for health delivery, healthcare expenditures, and public health. 

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