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Introducing the Policy Surveillance Program

This website, a LawAtlas Project from Temple University in Philadelphia, provides guidance and information for various laws and policies with public health significance, giving access to maps, tables, data, and reports that describe the current state of health laws and how they have changed over time. It encompasses all types of public and environmental health, such as disabilities, housing, mental health and infectious diseases, and collates data from a multitude of sources. 

The website also hosts a comprehensive Learning Library to help users create their policy surveillance and mapping project.

A vital element of this website is Legal mapping, a set of techniques used to capture essential features of laws and policies and identify how they vary across jurisdictions or institutions and over time. Legal mapping takes many forms. It can be conducted using transparent scientific methods for empirical research in traditional epidemiology. It can rely on conventional legal research methods to answer essential questions in public health law practice.

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