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Oral Health Risk Assessment Tool

New Tool Helps Caregivers Protect Children’s Teeth

Show your love for children’s good oral health!  It’s the perfect time to encourage parents and caregivers to check those tiny teeth.

Your Child Can Keep That Healthy Smile, a brand new oral health risk assessment tool created by the North Carolina Oral Health Section, is designed especially for parents and caregivers. This colorful, engaging form features:

• easy Yes/No questions to determine a child’s risk for tooth decay

• a checklist of common oral health problems

• basic facts and smart tips to build healthy smiles

• a picture of the right amount of fluoride toothpaste to use for infants and toddlers

• information on how to connect with a Medicaid dental provider

Ready to give parents the information they need when partnering with their child’s medical and dental team to achieve their child’s best oral and overall health? Download and use this tool!

For the full story, visit Tooth Talk, the evidence-based website that helps you improve young children’s dental health

Download the tool here

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