Human Trafficking

National Human Trafficking Prevention Month

January 2024 is designated as National Human Trafficking Prevention Month.

It’s not just a date on the calendar, but a call to action.

Human trafficking is a horrifying crime that directly violates human rights. For over a decade, leaders in the U.S. have recognized it as a threat to our nation and a serious infringement upon our human rights. In order to resolve this problem, we need a collective effort from the community. While it may be a challenging topic to tackle, we must serve as the voice for those who have been silenced.

National Human Trafficking Prevention Month is an initiative aimed at educating the public and encouraging their involvement in preventing and responding to this issue. It creates a conversation for people to have within their workplace, school, and home. By raising awareness on this important conversation and providing resources for survivors, we can help prevent human trafficking and protect innocent victims from this crime.

About Human Trafficking Prevention Month

National Human Trafficking Prevention Month takes place during the month of January each year. It aligns with International Anti-Human Trafficking Day, which falls on January 11th, to acknowledge the efforts made globally to combat this issue. Both initiatives share the common objective of informing and engaging the public in the fight against human trafficking. Through collaboration with numerous organizations and government agencies, this annual awareness campaign focuses on educating the public in three key areas:

• Recognizing the signs of human trafficking

• Providing guidelines for safe reporting procedures

• Offering resources to support victims

While some individuals may acquire educational information about human trafficking through news reports or training programs, others might become informed through social media campaigns, books, or conversations with others. This diversity of communication underscores the critical importance of raising public awareness about the realities of human trafficking. No one expects to become a victim themselves. In short, January is dedicated to being deliberate about human trafficking prevention education, fostering a vigilant community of individuals committed to combating human rights violations.

OTIP January Prevention Month Toolkit

More Resources

• HHS Human Trafficking Prevention Toolkit

• State Department National Human Trafficking
Prevention Month Fact sheet

• DHS Blue Campaign to Stop Human Trafficking

• National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month- Awareness Days

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