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Healthy Aging Month

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September is Healthy Aging Month, the national observance month created by the Healthy Aging organization over 25 years ago. Since the observance month began, there have been no greater changes in the world for older adults than what we have seen over the past several months.

What has not changed? It is now more important than ever to follow a healthy lifestyle, remain positive, be passionate about life, and to look forward to better days ahead.

Why “September is Healthy Aging Month?”

The mission behind “September is Healthy Aging Month” is to draw attention to the importance of healthy lifestyles for adults, 45-plus. This creates a second time during the year in addition to “May is Older American’s Month.”

When the celebration began in early 1992, the first baby boomers would be turning 50 just four years later. The general feeling then as it is now was, who wanted to be called old? Neither the baby boomers nor the generations before and after, that’s for sure.

The consensus back in the day was anyone over 50 was considered slow, out to pasture, not vibrant. But those were just myths waiting to be shattered.

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