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Healthy Aging Month Tips: Oral Health

By Dr. Brian Novy, DDS, FADI, director of practice improvement at DentaQuest Institute, a dental health benefits provider.

As we age, cavities may seem like a problem of the past, but in reality there are still many opportunities to prevent oral health issues.

As the body matures, so does the mouth, and the changes affect not just the teeth, but the gums and the bone that support our teeth.

Research shows that poor oral health can exacerbate chronic health problems that people might have once thought were unrelated–-such as diabetes and heart disease. Another challenge is the increase of medications at an older age that can cause dry mouth and trigger an increased risk for tooth decay.

Most older Americans take both prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Oral health prevention and regular dental visits are the key to maintaining a healthy mouth at any age. Follow these tips to ensure your mouth remains healthy well beyond retirement.

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