Childhood Obesity and its Impact on Dental Health

Obesity is often linked to various health care matters as the prevalence of the disorder in today’s generation has led to the development of comorbidities. Actually, being overweight or obese during childhood increases the risks of medical conditions affecting the heart and the circulatory system; and of developing type 2 diabetes or cancer. Even in terms of oral health, excessive weight can affect teeth and gums, which only heightens the health and social problems linked to obese conditions.

Starting from the childhood stage, the various food and beverages habitually consumed contain high levels of processed sugars and carbohydrates. All of which can increase or eventually cause oral health problems such as cavities and gum diseases. These problems can worsen if an obese person has no access, or simply avoids dental treatment and oral care services while growing up.


Childhood Obesity and its Impact on Dental Health – Johcd

Perceptions and Practices of Oral Health Care Professionals in Preventing and Managing Childhood Obesity

The role of oral health care professionals in preventing and managing obesity: A systematic review of current practices and perceived barriers

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