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Brush – Dental Health for kids

A series of learning materials from Brush – a project by McMillen Health in Fort Wayne, aimed at helping parents and children understand the importance of dental health from an early age, with lots of techniques for building good oral health habits.
Get started with these excellent resources:

• Digital 52-Week Early Childhood Oral Health Curriculum –
This year-long, comprehensive, interdisciplinary digital curriculum features 52 lessons, with accompanying activity templates and “how to” videos. Weekly lessons meet FrogStreet AIM Learning Progressions, Head Start Early Learning Outcomes, and follow the following five themes: 

• Twice a day toothbrushing
• Visiting the dentist twice a year
• Good nutrition for healthy teeth
• The importance of primary teeth
• How oral health relates to school success

Learn more here

• Digital Healthy Baby Teeth Flip Chart
Help parents of children ages birth-5 understand the importance of oral health with this digital interactive flip book. Each page features motivational interviewing prompts to begin problem-solving conversations. This digital resource includes short informational videos to align with flip chart topics. Video topics include:

  • Wiping Baby’s Gums
  • How to Brush Your Teeth
  • Visiting the Dentist
  • Healthy Foods
  • How Decay Happens

Learn more here:

Digital Happy Teeth Book 
Happy Teeth is designed to teach parents of infants and toddlers about the importance of primary (baby) teeth and how to care for them. Each page is based on current oral health research or the American Association of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommendations. This digital book features a video story time with a special guest reader. 

Learn more here

For more resources, Shop the Brush Dental online store

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