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Arch Collaborative Membership Agreement

The Indiana Primary Healthcare Association will be offering health centers at no cost to them the ability to participate in the Arch Collaborative Membership Agreement. This collaborative will be used to assess provider EMR experience. In the end, partnering health centers will have data that can improve efficiency, reduce burnout, and keep higher retention rates among providers.

What is KLAS?

KLAS is a leading healthcare IT research firm that provides the definitive ranking of vendors in the industry based on client feedback. It is the trusted go-to guide for healthcare executives to help them make objective decisions on selecting and optimizing Electronic Health Record systems and associated technologies.

What Is the Arch Collaborative?

The Arch Collaborative is a provider-led effort to unlock the potential of EHRs in revolutionizing patient care. Through standardized surveys and benchmarking, healthcare organizations collaborate to uncover best practices and move the needle of healthcare IT. Currently, the Arch Collaborative uses measurement data to improve the EHR experience through training, governance, and culture. 

What Is the Process?

  • Work with KLAS to scope the outreach and localize the survey (2 weeks). 
  • KLAS will share best practices on how to share the survey and encourage participation. 
  • Send the survey and collect data (4–6 weeks). 
  • KLAS analyzes the data and presents findings to your leadership team (4 weeks). 
  • KLAS works with you to find and leverage best practices to drive improvement.* 
  • Remeasure to assess progress and adjust efforts. 

To learn more about this opportunity, access the resources below: 

KLAS Research

Arch Collaborative

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