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2023 Assister Certification Training Modules Now Available!

We are pleased to invite assisters to take the 2023 Assister Certification Training beginning today, Thursday, September 15, 2022. In preparation for the Marketplace Open Enrollment Period starting November 1, 2022 for the 2023 Plan Year, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has updated the Assister Certification Training curriculum.

The training is hosted on the Marketplace Learning Management System (MLMS); the online web-based training platform for assisters providing application and enrollment assistance to consumers in Federally-Facilitated Marketplaces (FFMs) and State-based Marketplaces using the Federal platform. The MLMS can be accessed through the CMS Enterprise Portal.

Please note: If you have accessed MLMS before and taken assister certification training in the past, please be sure to login vs. creating a new account. If you have had changes to your status, or changed organizations, you do not need to create a new account. You can update your information in your existing account.

Required ID Validation for MLMS Access

All new and returning Assisters (Certified Application Counselors, Navigators, and State Based Exchange-Federal Platform Assisters) will need to verify their identity on the CMS Portal to access Assister Certification training on the MLMS. Previously, a user would request access to the MLMS and add a role without going through the Identity Verification process. The Quick Reference Guide: FFM Registration with ID Verification for Assisters provides an overview of how to register as a returning Assister, or register as a new Assister, using the Identity Verification process. Additionally, your assister ID will need to be validated against what your organization has on their official roster. The Assister ID Validation Guide provides directions and troubleshooting for these steps. To access the guide, click here: ID Validation process.

Use of Navigator ID

When registering for the 2023 Navigator training on the MLMS training platform, all individual Navigators should ensure that they register for and complete the 2023 Navigator certification or recertification training using the unique Navigator ID number assigned to them by the CMS Navigator grantee organization with which they are affiliated. Navigators should use the unique Navigator ID number assigned to them to ensure that the Navigator certificate issued to them reflects their current ID number and their current affiliation with a CMS Navigator grantee organization.

Use of CAC ID Number

Prior to registering for the 2023 Assister Certification Training, returning Certification Application Counselors (CACs) should ensure they are using a current CAC ID number (issued to them by their Certified Application Counselor Designated Organization (CDO) for plan year 2019 or later). CACs should not register for the 2023 CAC training until they have confirmed with their organization that they are using a current CAC ID and are on their organization’s official CAC Roster with CMS.

New organizations that apply to become CDOs during CMS’s 2022 Open Season and are approved to operate as CDOs during plan year 2023 should instruct their CACs to wait to take the 2023 CAC training until after they have been issued a CAC ID number by their organization.

When registering for the 2023 CAC training, all CACs should enter their CAC ID number in the CAC ID field on the “Welcome to the MLMS” profile page. This will ensure that each CAC’s enrollments on are linked to the correct CDO organization.

Returning FFM CACs are now eligible to complete the abbreviated 2023 recertification training (same one as Navigators) if all of the following criteria are met: 

  1. They successfully completed the 2022 FFM training in the MLMS;
  2. They were certified as a CAC by their CDO for the 2022 plan year (active certification status documented on the CDO’s roster of CACs), received a certificate from their CDO, and remained certified in 2022; and
  3. They remained with the same CDO with which they were certified for plan year 2022.

You can find training presentations and additional resources, such as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and MLMS Quick Reference Guides at the following link: Assister Training Materials.

Contact Information

For additional assistance with questions, please submit inquiries to the appropriate helpdesk as listed below. Please try to include screenshots when possible of issues to assist with troubleshooting.  

MLMS Helpdesk

For questions on the MLMS assister training, please submit inquiries to [email protected] Monday−Friday 9:00 AM−5:30 PM Eastern Time.

  • Contact for the following issues:
    • Issues printing or viewing completion certificate
    • Issues finding the correct curriculum to take
    • Issues with training not launching or proceeding to the next segment
    • Enrolled in the WRONG training

CMS Portal Helpdesk

For questions on password resets and access to MLMS, please submit inquiries to [email protected] Monday−Friday 9:00 AM−5:30 PM Eastern Time or contact the Marketplace Service Desk at 1-855-267-1515 or 1-855-CMS-1515 Monday−Friday from 8:00 AM-8:00 PM Eastern Time.    

  • Contact for the following issues:
    • CMS Portal User ID or Password issues
    • No access to the MLMS training tile
    • Updates to CMS Portal User ID (name issues, etc.)

CAC Questions Helpdesk

CACs with general questions about assister certification training should contact [email protected].

  • Contact for the following issues:
    • Error message; CAC ID not valid
    • Issues not resolved by other helpdesks

Navigator Helpdesk

For assistance with Navigator program questions, please submit inquiries to [email protected] or contact your CMS project officer.

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