Summary RTAT™ Report for Indiana Health Centers 

The Readiness to Train Assessment Tool (RTAT™) was developed by Community Health Center, Inc. through a partnership with HRSA’s Bureau of Primary Health Care and the Bureau of Health Workforce. This survey tool was sent to all health centers on December 18, 2020. The survey was open for submissions until February 28, 2021. The purpose of this survey was to gather data to guide future strategies to support health centers in their workforce development efforts. Indiana had 22 health centers respond to the survey. 

The RTAT™ systematically assessed factors influencing health center engagement with and implementation of the Health Professions Training (HPT) programs from an organizational readiness perspective. This survey instrument was developed and validated specifically for health centers to allow for early identification and mitigation of barriers to engaging in HPT programs. This was done by having different stakeholders (employees who are directly or indirectly involved with the health center’s current or future plans to engage with HPT programs) complete the RTAT™. By completing the survey and scoring the results, health centers could identify areas to improve their overall readiness to engage with HPT, or readiness to implement and teach any HPT program that they deem appropriate for their workforce and patient populations. 

Thank you to all health centers that participated in the survey. Each participating health center was sent a full report with an analysis based on their survey responses. This report is an anonymous compilation of responses from health centers in Indiana at the time of the final survey report. 

>>> Click here to download the Excel spreadsheet 

Please contact Natalie Morrison with any questions. 

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