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IHCP Billing Code for COVID Vaccine – FQHCs/RHCs

The IHCP recently released reimbursement guidance for the administration of the COVID-19 vaccines for FQHCs/RHCs. The reimbursement benefit is carved out of managed care and is reimbursed as a Traditional Medicaid benefit. The bulletin also says Zotec will submit claims for Medicaid through April 1, 2021. However, IPHCA received guidance from the IHCP and IDOH stating Zotec will be involved beyond April 1, 2021. Please click here to access the original bulletin and note the IHCP will release updated communication to reflect this change.

IHCP Reminds Not to Balance Bill Medicaid Recipients

The IHCP recently outlined the policy stating balance billing is prohibited with a few exceptions.

Please click here to access the full article.

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