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Hope for the Day to provide new mental wellbeing resources

The last year has been a challenging one for the dental profession. In addition to profound financial impacts, dentists reported the pandemic has impacted their mental and emotional health, according to a survey conducted by the New Dentist Committee.

In response to these findings, the ADA is developing new programs or enhancing current offerings to support the financial, physical, and mental wellness of dentists and their teams. In particular, the ADA is focusing on developing new resources and tools aimed at reducing stigma, raising awareness, and providing readily available materials to support mental health and wellness among members. These new programs and resources are made possible through a generous grant from Crest + Oral-B.

“This really hits home for so many new dentists. Having a community through organized dentistry to turn to means a great deal right now. Personally, my mental health has been impacted by the pandemic, and I understand the need for dentists to have resources on mental health and know where they can go to get help.” said Jarod Johnson, D.D.S., a member of the ADA New Dentist Committee, the group that spearheaded this effort. “We need to remember that our mental health is important to our overall health, especially as health care providers.”

Find out more about Hope for the Day at www.hftd.org and visit ADA.org/wellness for ADA resources.    

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