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Pockets of Opportunity Access Plan

The IPHCA team has developed a “Priority Matrix” Excel file to identify “pockets of opportunity” for current and prospective health centers to consider expanding access. 

This matrix aims to identify counties within Indiana where health centers have the most opportunity to reach vulnerable and underserved Hoosiers. 

County-level data from nine key sources were leveraged to inform the outcomes of this matrix. Each metric is scaled in quintiles (1-5), weighted, and scored to assign a rank from 1-92. The tool was designed to be flexible, and we encourage teams to add relevant variables, change associated weights, and interpret the outcomes as they see fit. The tool includes a source data tab with brief descriptions, website information, and original datasets from each variable for convenience. 

>>>View overview of the program as Word doc or pdf file

>>> Click here to view / download the Excel file

For more information about this program, please contact 
Hannah Putnam Johnson, MHA, MPH
Health Equity and Social Determinants of Health Coordinator

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