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Community Health Worker Day

July 28th is Community Health Worker Day

Community health workers are passionate individuals devoted to serving their community and improving health outcomes.

While anyone can train as a CHW, the most successful candidates are outspoken, comfortable meeting and engaging with many different people, and ready to advocate for their patients.

In many situations, CHWs will face injustice, discrimination, and less-than-ideal scenarios. As in other healthcare careers, CHWs face high burnout and turnover rates. Emotional intelligence and resilience are also crucial for a successful CHW career. And so are strong communication and the ability to set clear boundaries.

CHWs help bridge the gap between patients/clients and healthcare providers, so anywhere a patient may need assistance, a CHW may likely be found.

CHWs can work in a medical area or communities. These can include health services, including mental health facilities, substance abuse programs, nursing homes, or healthcare clinics. On the other hand, in a community context, they might work in a neighborhood or a faith-based organization.

In either context, they tend to provide support to connect clients or patients with preventive health services such as screenings, educational programs, and community outreach. Or help coordinate care, such as follow-up appointments.

From one Community Health Worker to another, thank you for all that you do for your communities.
Happy Community Health Worker Day.

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