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Untreated caries among US working-aged adults – report

January 2021: CDC released a new report in the Journal of the American Dental Association. The report examines the burden of untreated cavities and association with self-reported unmet dental care need among adults aged 20–64 years. The study found that 40% of working-age adults with financial barriers to dental care had untreated cavities. Low-income adults had mild/moderate untreated cavities (1–3 teeth affected) 2 times more frequently and severe untreated cavities (4+ teeth affected) 3 times more frequently when compared to higher-income adults. 

The report highlights how continued pursuit of strategies such as medical-dental integration and inclusion of Medicaid dental benefits beyond emergency services could be options to increase access to dental care services for working-age adults.​ 

Read the report

For more information, please visit CDC’s updated Oral Health Disparities and Infographics pages.

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