Obligations Regarding COVID-19 Vaccination

The ADA has published a new FAQ sheet for owner dentists on their responsibilities and obligations regarding COVID-19 vaccination for staff members.

Available on the ADA’s website, the FAQ sheet includes nine questions and answers:

  1. Can I as a healthcare employer require my employees to get COVID-19 vaccines?
  2. What kind of disability-/pregnancy-related accommodations should my practice consider in evaluating whether a reasonable accommodation is possible?
  3. What kind of religious accommodations must I consider?
  4. If I require staff members to be vaccinated, what proof can I request them to provide?
  5. What should I do if a staff member refuses to be vaccinated?
  6. If I require my staff to be vaccinated, must I pay for the vaccine and/or provide paid time off for them to receive the shot(s) (or pay for time off in the case of side effects)?
  7. What if I require a vaccination and a staff member suffers an adverse reaction?
  8. May staff members who have been vaccinated refuse to wear a mask and socially distance?
  9. Can I tell patients if my staff members are vaccinated?

Click here to view / download the pdf

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