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Elevating Dentistry Through Diversity

From JADA – The Journal of the ADA: April 1, 2021
We will forever remember the year 2020. Among those events and issues that rise to the level of our everyday consciousness are a global pandemic; a global movement regarding racism, exclusion, and poverty; and a collective reflection on our health care system.

However challenging, the catalytic events occurring in our nation today demand that we, as health care professionals, reinforce the need to remain agile and adaptable amidst a rapidly evolving societal backdrop. Although our profession has made strides toward engendering mutual respect, and inclusion of the diverse spectrum of people and communities that we interact with professionally, there is much work to be done.

As leaders in our respective communities and professions, we must provide inspiration, direction, and recognition; our stakeholders can then join us to translate vision into action. This call to action is not owing to a singular point in time but the diversity that exists among us. Our diversity is what makes us such an interesting collage of people. It is more than the sum of our unique parts that collectively embodies humanity.

There are many benefits of having diversity in the dental profession workforce and leadership, including helping address racial and ethnic health care disparities, improving patient and community-centered care, and enriching the pool of policy makers.

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