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The Dental Patient Safety Foundation (DPSF) is an independent, non-profit organization whose only mission is to improve the safety and quality of dental care, regardless of specialty, by non-partisan collecting, aggregating, and analyzing information about patient safety events (adverse incidents, near misses or unsafe conditions), which can be safely, voluntarily and confidentially reported in the reporting tool.

The DPSF is a listed Patient Safety Organization (P0198) in compliance with the Patient Safety Rule of the Federal Department of Health and Human Services, which legally protects and maintains the confidentiality of all disclosures. The Patient Safety Rule was enacted to encourage voluntary reporting of sensitive information without the risk of liability. The DPSF will swiftly and frequently report back to the dental profession to inform of ways to reduce risk, minimize hazards, and improve the quality of care delivery.

Though they fully believe in cultivating and maintaining a safe environment for patients, staff, and themselves, oral health professionals are often hesitant to take the step to full transparency when a near miss or adverse incident occurs, though they appreciate reading stories and scenarios that they can see themselves in.  Reading about such problematic issues can often be enough to inspire changes in how we practice.  By subscribing (free) to the DPSF, one will have access to all existing reports that tell those stories and be on the mailing list to receive new reports. 

It is as simple as visiting this link and subscribing! 

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