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Childhood obesity- an insight into preventive strategies

Childhood obesity is now a global problem throughout the world. The major factors affecting weight regulation and the development of obesity in children are the result of a large number of biological, behavioral, social, environmental, and economic factors and the complex interactions between them that promote a positive energy balance. The changes in the dietary habits with the adoption of sedentary life style increases manifold obesity-related diseases and their complications. An obese child later on grows up to become an obese adult. Therefore, the role of primary prevention along with methodical diet control, behavioral changes, and physical activity are the important strategies against the battle of childhood obesity.

This Article highlights how BMI percentile measurement is the most practical tool for clinicians to identify and track overweight and obesity. It also shares other ways to measure obesity, determinants of obesity, methodical approach to managing weight, prevention strategies, and discusses the effectiveness of prevention methods. 

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