2021 IPHCA-Jason

Jason Bundy

Education Program Director

Jason Bundy received his Bachelor of Arts in General Studies from Indiana University, Purdue University, Indianapolis with concentrations in Anthropology and Religious Studies. He has 14 years of sales experience where he was responsible for sales, customer service, and training and education of not only his customers, but also surrounding staff.

Jason has found that listening combined with honest and immediate responses leads to the best outcomes for everyone involved with a process. Re-entering the health care field on the administrative side allows Jason to utilize his top customer service skills in a compassion-based environment.

Role at IPHCA
Conducts initial and ongoing needs assessment to identify skills and knowledge gaps of PHCs
Plans training in collaboration with HCCN staff and PHC work groups
Develops and maintains education schedule
Prepare and/or coordinate preparation of educational aids and materials
Communicate education opportunities to PHCs and other IPHCA members as applicable
Organizes Annual Conference
Emergency management point of contact for Community Health Centers where normal operations have stopped or changed due to adverse events

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