2021 IPHCA-Jasmine

Jasmine Page

Transformation Project Facilitator

Jasmine Page is a graduate of Indiana University, Bloomington where she received her Bachelors in Science in community public health. Upon completion of her degree, she continued her education at the University of Michigan where she earned her Masters of Public Health with a concentration in health management and policy. Jasmine brings to IPHCA her experience working with federal, state, and local health agencies on improving access to health care and ultimately health outcomes. Prior to joining IPHCA, Jasmine worked as a quality improvement intern with a managed care entity where she researched and analyzed clinical data on the organization’s members. Jasmine looks forward to working with Indiana health centers by using data to improve performance and expand access to quality health care for Indiana residents.

Role at IPHCA
Collect, analyze and evaluate clinical data on Indiana health centers to find opportunities for quality improvement
Manage the Azara DRVS data repository
Train health centers on data analytic tools and quality improvement strategies
Provide project management during planning, implementation, and evaluation of IQIN programs
Provide technical assistance on collecting data on social determinants of health

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