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IQIN Shared Strengths
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Shared Strengths

Thank you for visiting the Shared Strengths site. 

Purpose of Shared Strengths

The Shared Strengths Project a clinical quality improvement workgroup with the purpose of driving positive clinical outcomes by fostering collaboration between health centers through the sharing of data and best practices.  The primary goal of the project is to improve outcomes on five Healthy People 2020 Goals through the collaboration between the IQIN support team and the participating health centers.  In addition to targeting Healthy People 2020 Goals, this project can be used as a platform to share ideas and network with other health centers in the state.

 Click Here for Shared Strengths Summary

Why Shared Strengths?

Transparency has long been an issue in healthcare.  Healthcare organizations have unique practices and workflows to offer their services.  Some practices are likely highly efficient and outcomes are positive and others could use some refinement to better serve patients.  Whatever the case, healthcare organizations are often reluctant to share their practices.  However, sharing this information can be a valuable tool in improving patient care.  This workgroup is an opportunity to share your practices with other organizations in exchange for an opportunity to learn their practices.


The primary driver of the success of the Shared Strengths Project is transparency.  The health centers participating in the project must be willing to share data and best practices.


Quality Improvement:  Healthy People 2020

For Health Center Controlled Networks, HRSA has chosen Healthy People 2020 Goals as the corresponding targets for the UDS Clinical Quality Measures.  The goal is to work as a network to each attain five of the Healthy People 2020 Goals. 

To attain these goals, the Shared Strengths Project was proposed.  The Shared strengths project is a collaboration between IQIN participating health centers and the IQIN support team to improve member's performance on five Healthy People 2020 Goals. At the Indiana Quality Improvement Network kick-off meeting in December 2016, polls assessed which factors are important when choosing goals.  Several factors were common throughout answers.

Read Quality Improvement Results and Healthy People 2020 Rankings. 

This table displays the eight UDS Clinical Quality Measures that have corresponding Healthy People 2020 Goals.

Additional Resources

Click here for a copy of the Shared Strengths Participation Agreement

June 6th

  Click here for the results of the Driver Diagram exercise from June 6

  Click here for the results of the Intervention exercise from June 6

Diabetes Navigator Program Resources

  Click here to download "Quick Start Guide to Developing Community Care Coordination Pathways"

  Click here to download the diabetes pathways for stable patients

  Click here to download the diabetes pathways for a new diagnosis

  Click here to download the diabetes pathways for high risk

  Click here to download the community hub manual

  Click here to download the diabetes distress screening scale


Upcoming Dates 

Click here to add July 28th, Shared Strengths webinar to your calendar

For More Information about IQIN Shared Strengths and to find out how to join a Shared StrengthsTeam, please contact:

Joe Perry

Quality Improvement Coordinator