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Focus on Quality Transformation webinar series

Part 1: Medical Legal Partnership 101

Quarterly Claims and Operations Meeting

Part 2: Medical Legal Partnership Funding/Screening

Part 3 Medical Legal Partnership Immigrants and Healthcare

Past Event Materials
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Materials and Resources

Focus on Quality trainings are open to all community health centers and stakeholders in Indiana. If you are interested in joining the list-serv to receive calendar updates and materials through email, please contact Laura Totten,


Previous Events

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Measure of Focus 



Meeting Materials 

 September 2019  Childhood Immunizations Cultural Competence and Humility

Antoinette Holt, MPH, Director, Office of Minority Health

Darlene Jenkins, DrPH, MPH, CHES, National Health Care for Homeless Council

Regina Olasin, DO, FAAP, FACP, Care for the Homeless

 Antoinette Holt presentation

Darlene Jenkins presentation, Regina Olasin presentation

IPHCA presentation

Recording to meeting

 August 2019 Childhood Immunizations Childhood Immunization In-reach/Outreach & CHIRP Workflows

Emily Holtzman, Azara Healthcare

Laura Pryor, WindRose Health Network

Amanda Davis-Houchen, LifSpring Health

 Emily Holtzman presentation

Laura Pryor presentation

Amanda Davis-Houchen presentation

IPHCA presentation

Recording to meeting

 July 2019  Childhood Immunizations   Childhood Immunizations and Catch-up Workflows

 David McCormick, Division Director, Immunization Division, ISDH

Megan Crowe, Site & Quality Manager, Greene County Health

Katherine Johnston, Director of Nursing, HealthLinc CHC

 David McCormick presentation

Katherine Johnston presentation

IPHCA presentation

Recording to meeting

 June 2019 Behavioral Health Screening Depression Screening & Behavioral Health QI

 Donna Vaughan, LMHC, DBH, Director of Integrated Primary Care, Windrose Health

Stephanie Jeffrey and Nicole Hall, Valley Professionals

Elkin Salinas, Community Clinic Association of LA County

IPHCA - Jasmine, Carla and Funke

Donna Vaughan presentation

Valley Professionals presentation 

Elkin Salinas Presentation 

IPHCA presentation

Recording to meeting

April 2019 Behavioral Health Screening  Behavioral Health and Addressing Social Determinants of Health

 Daniel Rusyniak, MD, CMO, FSSA

Ariel Singer, MPH, Tranformation Director, Oregon PCA

Angela Boyer and Jasmine Page, IPHCA, PRAPARE, SDoH and PCMH

 Daniel Rusyniak MD presentation

Ariel Singer MPH presentation

IPHCA presentation

Recording to meeting

 March 2019  Cervical Cancer Screening  Quality Improvement Tools and Capturing Enabling Services

 Kelley Gillaspy, Purdue Healthcare Advisors

Albert Ayson, AAPCHO

Jasmine Page and Angela Boyer, IPHCA on Cervical Cancer Data Benchmarking & QI Tool Kit 

 Kelley Gillaspy presentation

Albert Ayson presentation

Enabling Services presentation

AAPCHO Enabling Services Implementation Guide

Escaron Health Promotion

HC Investments in Enabling Services

Recording to meeting

QI Tool Kit

 February 2019 Cervical Cancer Screening  Cervical Cancer Screening and PCMH Tools

Jillian Maccini, HITEQ Center

Emily Holzman, Azara HealthCare

James Gingerich, MD, Maple City Health Care Center

Nika Ellis, Heart City Health Center

 Jillian Maccini presentation

Emily Holzman presentation

James Gingerich presentation

Nika Ellis presentation

Recording to meeting

Additional NCQA Resources

Airtech tool

HITEQ Self-assessment tool

NOI Resource

 January 2019  Cervical Cancer Screening  Focusing on Cervical Cancer Screening and HPV Prevention

 Sarah Vivo, Immunization Coalition

Josh Kellems, American Cancer Society

Janine Lowery, Riggs Community Health Center

 Sarah Vivo presentation

Josh Kellems presentation

Janine Lowery presentation

Recording to meeting

Additional resources

 December 2018 Hypertension  Validating Reports and Addressing High Blood Pressure

 LuAnn Kimker, Azara Healthcare

Jennie Maethner, Project Manager, Windrose Health Network

 LuAnn Kimker presentation

Recording to meeting

Additional resources

Excel Worksheet



Hypertension Hypertension and Tobacco Cessation 

 Dr. Atul Chugh, Cardiologist, Franciscan Physician Network

Kathy Kioussopoulos, Interim Director, Franciscan Alliance, Inc.

Alaina Reynolds, Q/I Manager, NorthShore Health Center

 Dr. Chugh presentation

Kathy Kioussopolos presentation

NorthShore smoking cessation

Recording to meeting

Additonal resources



 Diabetes Control Diabetes prevention & Strategies to Improve Diabetes Outcomes

Susie King, ISDH

Ingrid Moser, MA, RDN & James Gingerich, MD, Maple City Health Care Center

Corianne Vanderkolk, PA-C, Greene County Community Health Center


 Diabetes Prevention

Prediabetes presentation

Maple City presentation

Greene County notes

Recording to meeting



 Diabetes Control  Health IT Tools to ID High Risk Patients

 LuAnn Kimker, Azara Healthcare

Janine Lowery, Riggs CHC

Angie Garner, HealthLinc

 Risk Presentation

Overview of Risk in Azara

HealthLinc Risk Presentation

Recording to Meeting

Additional Resources

 July 2018  Diabetes Control  Focusing on Diabetes: Resources to Lower A1c

 Maureen Moynihan, HealthLinc

Joni Clark, Open Door Health Services

JoBeth McCarthy, American Diabetes Association

 Open Door Presentation

HealthLinc Presentation

ADA Presentation

Meeting Notes

 May 2018  Colorectal Cancer Screening  Focusing on Colorectal Cancer Screening: Identifying Gaps in Care

 LuAnn Kimker, Azara Healthcare

Dr. Ruth Stevens, HealthLinc

Adrienne Collins, Meridian Health Services

 Azara Presentation

HealthLinc Presentation

Meridian Presentation

IPHCA Presentation

Meeting Notes

 April 2018  Colorectal Cancer Screening  Focusing on Colorectal Cancer: Intro to Quality Metrics  IPHCA Staff

Interactive Dashboard

Presentation Slides

 January 2018  Diabetes Control  Recap Successful PDSAs and Resources from Shared Strengths


NorthShore Health Centers

Riggs CHC

IPHCA Presentation

NorthShore Health Centers Presentation

Riggs CHC Presentation

Meeting Notes