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Focus on Quality Transformation webinar series

Part 1: Medical Legal Partnership 101

Quarterly Claims and Operations Meeting

Part 2: Medical Legal Partnership Funding/Screening

Part 3 Medical Legal Partnership Immigrants and Healthcare

C19 Finance

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 Finance & Operations
Resource Page
   Insuring against Business Risks COVID 3/30/20
 Resource Library  FACT Sheet CMS Accelerate Payment Fact Sheet
 Human Resources Information
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 DWD Unemployment Insurance FAQ
Clinical Resource Page   Provider Enrollment Rules Relaxed
   Staff Return to Work Policies 3/26/2020
Dental Resource Page    PAL201707 Temporary Privileging of
Providers by FTCA
   EFMLA Policy Template
Education Resource Page    IHCP Bulletin BT202029 4/3/20
  EPSLA Policy Template
Emergency Preparedness Resource Page    Indiana Professional Licensing Agency 4/3/20
  CARESAct SBA Check Protection Announcement 3/30/20
Finance & Operations Resource Page    Revenue Loss Calculator Worksheet 4/3/20
  CARESAct Direct Payment 3/30/20
Testing and PPE Resource Page   CMS Accelerated and Advanced Payment FAQ 4/3/20
  Business Resource Guide 3/30/20
SDOH Resource Page  Cashflow Options for CHCs with over 500 Staff/4/7/20
  HIPAA Rights And Flexibility 3/30/20
Telemedicine Resource Page   CPT Codes for Testing Noted in IHCP Bulletin 4/21/20
  Donation of PTO 3/30/20
Quality Improvement Resource Page IHCP Bulletin B202048 Coding Guidance 4/23/20
 ACU List Serve Responses Donation of PTO 3/30/2020
HR and Workforce Resource Page  Medicare Uninsured Provider Reimbursement 4/28/20
  Department of Labor Employer Paid Leave Act 4/1/20
Health Policy Resource Page   Billing for COIVD Testing BT202045 4/28/20
 Society of HR Management
Coronavirus Resource Page 4/1/20

 COVID Meetings and Webinars  COVID Claims Reimbursement 4/30/20
 FFCRA Power Point Lewis and Kappes  HHS COVID 19 Cares Act Relief Fund 5/5/20
  Responding to COVID 19 in the Workplace 4/1/20
 FFCRA (WEBINAR RECORDED)  HHS Testing Award Press Release 5/13/20
   Exemption from Families First
 Cares Act Power Point Lewis and Kappes
  COVID Webcast FAQ 5/13/20
 Cares Act (WEBINAR RECORDED)  HRSA FAQ Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Cares Act Funding

 Cares Act Attestation Page 4/21/20
  Provider Relief Fund General Distribution 5/20/20