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Focus on Quality Measures
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Calendar of Topics 

Measure of Focus

Meeting Date

Colorectal Cancer Screening

April 27th

May 23rd

Diabetes Control

July 11th

Aug 8th

Sept. 12th

Hypertension Control

Oct. 10th

Nov. 14th

Dec. 12th


Cervical Cancer Screening

Jan 9th

Feb 13th

March 13th

Behavioral Health

April 10th

May 8th

June 12th

Childhood Immunizations

July 10th

August 14th

Sept. 11th


Focus on Quality meets on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 11am ET for 90 minutes. Each quarter will highlight a specific measure, and each month focusing on a different topic on how to improve on that measure by applying skills, tools, and resources that can apply to several quality measures.

Month 1

 Participants will hear from experts on specific strategies to improve on the measure of focus that quarter. We will also have health center leaders and improvers share some of their promising practices

Month 2

Participants will learn about health information technology that can be leveraged to improve value, efficiency, and effectiveness overall. This month will also be when benchmark data is updated and shared to monitor improvement over the past 12 months.

Month 3

Participants will focus on the ‘human factor’ of quality improvement, including the complex processes of patient engagement. Participants will learn about quality improvement tools and workflow changes that lead to improvement on clinical measures. 

Focus on Data

Measure definitions align with the most recent Uniform Data System (UDS) definition. Below are descriptions for 2018. Data is collected on a quarterly basis for the health centers who wish to exchange data for benchmarking progress against peers. In an effort to promote transparency, a data dashboard is available for the six measures for the health centers who submit data to IPHCA through ISDH quarterly reports, Azara DRVS, or manually using the reporting template.

View the Focus on Quality Data Dashboard

View Measure Definitions