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Focus on Quality Transformation webinar series

Part 1: Medical Legal Partnership 101

Quarterly Claims and Operations Meeting

Part 2: Medical Legal Partnership Funding/Screening

Part 3 Medical Legal Partnership Immigrants and Healthcare

C19 Covid Testing and PPE

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Testing and PPE Resource Page
  UCH Masking Policy 4/3/20
Free Testing Sites in Indiana 5/5/20
 UCH Mask Guide 4/3/20
    IHAN Alert COVID Testing 4/1/20
  IHAN Alert Specimen Submission 4/1/20
 Resource Library    Occupational Health N95 Reuse 4/2/20
Back to the main page.    CDC Infection Control
Clinical Resource Page      CDC Updated Infection Control
Dental Resource Page      CDC Individual Protection
Education Resource Page      CDC In Home Isolation
Emergency Preparedness Resource Page      CDC Optimizing N95 Respirators
Finance and Operations Resource Page     CDC N95 Optimization Checklist
Testing and PPE Resource Page    CDC Surgical Mask Optimization
(non N95)

SDOH Resource Page     CDC PPE Protocols PDF
Telemedicine Resource Page      Face Mask Optimization 3/24/20
Quality Improvement Resource Page     ISDH PPE Optimization 3/24/20
HR and Workforce Resource Page     Sample Drive Through Testing Packet 3/24/20
Health Policy Resource Page    
Other Helpful Resources
   Updated Specimen Collection 3/22/2020
Direct Relief Member Application 3/24/2020
  Testing Algorithm 3/14/2020
Association Clinicians Order Form for PPE 3/30/20
  Workflow/Policy Of Mask Reuse 4/6/20
PPE Calculator Spreadsheet 4/6/20
 Instruction for Limited Reuse of Disposable N95

   UNMC Surgical Mask Policy 4/7/20
   Updated Guidance for Placing
Surgical Masks in Bags 4/7/20

   Guidance for Extended Use of
Face Masks During a Pandemic (PPT) 4/7/20

   Updated Strategies to Optimize PPE 4/17/20
   ISDH Updated Testing Guidelines 4/29/20
   Comparison ffp2, KN95, N95, Filtering Face Mask 6/9/20
   Conservation and storage of issued N95 masks 6/9/20
   PPE Guidance for Medical MAT, Behavioral Health Staff 6/9/20