The IPHCA Conference 2021,
Energy from Adversity, is in the books. 

More than 700 user contributions, more than 190,000 user engagements, and more than 400 individuals attended at least some portion of the conference—the most significant number in IPHCA history. 

Keynote topics included:  FQHCs: The Bridge to Addressing Systemic Inequity in Health, Health Insurance in 2030: From COVID to Consumerism, and From Me to We: How to Cultivate Empathy and Promote Mental Well-Being, each topic focusing on relevant hot issues concerning CHCs.

Nearly half of all attendees participated in the Wonder Room, a unique experience that allows real-time chat with groups of individuals—a video version of a cocktail hour—without the cocktails.

You can relive the conference by viewing videos from the sessions by clicking here:
Videos will also be added to this page below as they become available.

All of this was made possible by our sponsors and especially our streaming sponsor, United Healthcare.

Keep an eye out for an announcement of our conference in 2022!

See you then!


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Conference videos

If you missed any events, or would like to review a session you attended, recordings from the conference are posted below.
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FoQ- Pay for Performance Thursday May 20 / 2:00pm Eastern:

Hosted by: Funke Oladele IPHCA Quality Improvement Coordinator
The Focus on Quality: Transformation Series panel session during the IPHCA annual conference featuring promising practices from three health centers on strategies for addressing pay for performance measures, panel management, and getting pay for performance incentives.

Laura Pryor (Windrose), Stephanie Jeffery (Valley Professionals), and April Fife (Riggs Community Health Center) presented.

340B Roundtable Monday May 17 / 2:00pm Eastern

Drew Thomas
, IPHCA CHC Finance and Operations Manager, hosts a roundtable discussion with Tim Mallett of 340B Basics.

Unlike a lecture, the concept of a “roundtable” encourages the audience to engage and discuss various 340B topics with their peers. To help facilitate this breakout and provide his expertise, IPHCA invited Tim Mallett of 340B Basics. Mallett was IPHCA’s 340B speaker who came to Indianapolis in March of 2019 and is a national 340B expert. 

Cyber Security and Cyber Liability Thursday May 20 / 2:00pm Eastern

Hosted by: Kislaya Kunjan Health IT Director, IQIN
With: Nathan BottsHITEQ Center; Terry WarrenValley Professional CHC;
Reid PutnamGregory and Appel

FSSA Panel Wednesday May 19 / 2:00pm Eastern

Hosted by: Jenny Walden IPHCA O&E Specialist
With: Nonis Spinner, FSSA;
Angela Todd, HIP Director;
Keena Baumer, Member Services Manager;
Katie Hunter, Eligibilty Program Manager;
Onajae Endsley, Quality Assurance Analyst;
Jessica Murdock, SME SNAP TANF

"Always Have  a Plan" Thursday May 20 / 2:00pm Eastern

Hosted by: Natalie Morrison CHC Workforce Program Contractor
With: Michelle Fernández GabilondoACU / StarCenter

Answering the How and Why of a Dynamic Comprehensive Workforce Plan: Workforce is the fuel of any high-functioning health center. In order to effectively and successfully retain and recruit a diverse, mission-driven workforce, health centers need to ensure that there is a comprehensive workforce plan in place.

Collaborative Screening Friday May 21 / 2:00pm Eastern

Hosted by: Laura Totten IQIN Administrative Specialist

With: Ariel Singer, MPH; Human-Centered Healthcare Agitator

Collaborative Screening is a person-centered approach to gathering information and providing referrals in health and social service settings that elevates the perspective, expertise, and autonomy of the individual being served, rather than the needs and requirements of the institution.

Oral Health and Diabetes  Friday May 21 / 2:00pm Eastern

Hosted by: Karla Marin IPHCA Oral Health Program Director
With: Clifton Bush, COO Albany Area Primary Health Care

Medical and Dental Integration of Diabetes and Oral Health: This course will also describe the role of the medical and dental team in the integration of oral care specific to diabetes within the primary care team and how the usage of quality metrics can improve the overall care of patients.

Virtual Care @Home  Wednesday, May 19 / 2:00pm Eastern

Hosted by: Jasmine Page IQIN Transformation Project Facilitator
Angela Boyer IPHCA Chief Strategy Officer

New Care Opportunities Created From COVID: Join Eskenazi Health Center and Valley Professionals Health Center as they share their experiences with Virtual Care @home.
Dr. Saura Fortin and Beth Turner will discuss the challenges to the implementation of [email protected], the workflows that made it successful, and the opportunities that VC @Home holds for chronic care management.

HIV – Integrating PreP  Thursday May 20 / 2:00pm Eastern

Hosted by: Nicole Stilianos IPHCA Clinical Director
With: Juan Carlos Venis, MD, MPH; Kierra Temple, MPH;
Thomas Kleyn, PharmD, BCPS, AAHIVP, Eskenazi Health Center

The Eskenazi Health Center Primary Care HIV Prevention Program share their experiences and lessons learned in integrating HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) services into three FQHCs in Marion County. Topics include: obtaining senior leader buy-in, recruitment and training of provider champions, training of other clinical support staff and more

Pregnancy Intention Screening Wednesday, May 19 / 2:00pm Eastern

Hosted by: Funke Oladele IPHCA Quality Improvement Coordinator
With: Tracey Wilkinson, MD, MPH, Indiana University
Caitlin Bernard, Asst Prof OB/GYN, Indiana University

A Report from the Indiana Perinatal Quality Improvement Collaborative (IPQIC) Taskforce, reviewing the current landscape of infant and maternal mortality in Indiana, introduce the Perinatal Periods of Risk (PPOR) analysis which helps identify areas for improvement interventions.

Preceptor Challenges Weds 19 May / 2:00pm Eastern

Hosted by: Natalie Morrison IPHCA Quality Improvement Coordinator
With: Tiffani Martin, VP & Chief HR Officer, Valley Professionals CHC

Opening the Workforce Pipeline: Preceptor Challenges and Advantages This session will discuss both the why and the how of precepting students and building a provider pipeline within your health center. AHEC will speak on the data behind precepting students and why “growing your own” is the best way to recruit and retain providers.

Legislative Panel Monday May 17 / 1:00pm Eastern
Hosted by: Audi Racine IPHCA Policy Specialist; Ben Harvey IPHCA CEO

With: Lou Belch Corydon Group;
Ed Charbonneau State Senator;
Shelli Yoder State Senator; 
Robin Shackleford State Representative;
Ann Vermilion State Representative

Lou Belch of the Corydon Group talking to Indiana Legislators to discuss health care in Indiana from the legislative perspective.

Annual Awards

We were inundated with nominations for our Awards this year, there were so many people in our community going above and beyond in the last year. After a difficult consideration process, the winners were chosen:

Provider of the Year Award:
  • Deanna Reinoso, MD
    Eskenazi Health Center
Employee of the Year Award:
  • Ashley Wilson
    Open Door Health Services
Volunteer of the Year Award:
  • Ken Hudson
    Open Door Health Services
Special Exemplary Project Award:
  • Neighborhood Health Clinics, Inc.
    Dental Sealant Program
  • Open Door Health Services
    COVID-19 Outreach Program
The Debra Meers Grassroots Advocacy Award:
  • Lou Belch
    The Corydon Group
Legislator of the Year Award:
  • Ed Clere State Representative
Philip L. Morphew, Health Center Dedication:
  • Project UTILIZE - Shared by:
    Azara Healthcare
    Indiana Department of Health
    Family and Social Services Administration
    Indiana Health Information Exchange

(Full details of categories and criteria are included on the nomination form)

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact Stephen Beringer.  

Nominations are now closed

lou belch

Lou Belch of the Corydon Group receiving his trophy for the Debra Meers Grassroots Advocacy Award

Neighborhood Health_FWCS award crop

The Dental Sealant Team at Neighborhood Health receiving their Exemplary Project Award

Conference Sponsorship

IPHCA welcomes sponsors to participate in our Annual Conference to put their product, service or organization in front of our community of CEOs, directors, physicians and professionals.

Our sponsorship program for the 2021 Conference was very successful, if you are interested in sponsoring next year's event, or partnering with IPHCA, please contact Stephen Beringer for details.


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