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IPHCA and Community Health Centers Launch Statewide Program

 INDIANAPOLIS (May 5, 2020)—The Indiana Primary Health Care Association (IPHCA) today announces information regarding the crucial role of Community Health Centers (CHC) during Indiana’s COVID-19 Pandemic Response. 

“Community Health Centers (CHCs) are a significant component of Indiana’s health care system, providing high-quality primary health care to over 600,000 Hoosiers in communities across the State, particularly those that are uninsured or vulnerable,” said IPHCA CEO Ben Harvey. “According to a 2019 report from the Health Resources & Service Administration (HRSA), only 16 of Indiana’s 35 health centers were offering Telemedicine services. As of April 15, 2020, all 35 health centers are using Telemedicine. With the use of this technology, we are fully prepared to implement the Virtual Care @ Home initiative.” 

What is CHC Virtual Care @ Home
CHC Virtual Care @ Home allows patients to stay in their home to recover from an illness or manage an acute disease that does not require the full level of care available at a hospital. Patients receiving care through CHC Virtual Care @ Home can have nursing check-ins, periodic monitoring of vitals, and virtual visits by a physician or other clinician so that they can stay at home. 

FSSA is proud to partner with our Indiana Community Health Centers to provide at home virtual care during the COVID emergency,” said Jennifer Sullivan, M.D., M.P.H., FSSA secretary. “The peace of mind these individuals will have knowing that they have an additional layer of medical monitoring during their recovery is invaluable.” 

About IPHCA 
The Indiana Primary Health Care Association, Inc. (IPHCA), organized in 1982, advocates for quality health care for all persons residing in Indiana. IPHCA supports the development of community-oriented primary care initiatives (including Community Health Centers, or CHCs). Included in IPHCA’s comprehensive definition of primary care are medical, dental, and behavioral health services. IPHCA has a diverse membership that provides for CHCs, interested individuals, and organizations that support IPHCA’s critical mission. IPHCA provides training and technical assistance to Federally Qualified Health Centers and State-funded Community Health Centers through funding from several sources. IPHCA provides services and support that build efficient, high quality, and financially sound community health centers. The support covers a wide range of topics, including Advocacy | Behavioral health | Finance | Operations | Oral health | Outreach and enrollment | Patient-Centered Medical Home recognition | Quality improvement | Resource development | Workforce. 

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Contact: Mary Westerbeck Executive Assistant;
Indiana Primary Health Care Association 
Phone: 317.630.0847 

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