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Focus on Quality - CRC Screening

4/30/2018 » 5/1/2018
Annual Conference 2018 - Creating Healthy Communities

Quarterly Medicaid Claims and Operations Meeting

Operational Site Visit Preparation

Kickoff Meeting & Information
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On December 20, 2016 the Indiana Quality Improvement Network HCCN had its first Kick-off meeting face to face in Indianapolis. This meeting was focused around introductions to Health Center Controlled Network topics such as Data Infrastructure, Health Information Exchange, Quality Improvement and Defining Value for Health Centers. We structured the interaction with presentations and facilitated group discussions that allowed for HCCN participating members to dialogue with a variety of individuals across the network. We received a great deal of feedback during the discussions and in the overall survey and have outlined all of the compiled information here. We have also provided additional resources regarding our focus areas for this meeting; Data Infrastructure, Health Information Exchange, Quality Improvement and Value for Health Centers. 

If you would like additional or more in depth information from this meeting, please contact us! 

Data Infrastructure in a Value-Based Era

IQIN staff asked participants to think about all the ways they could leverage their data, both individually and as part of a network. There was overlap in the areas of interest. Common themes and the sub-themes from this session were identified. The key areas, which would benefit from a data infrastructure, include: quality and process improvement, schedule optimization, payer negotiations, clinical and business intelligence, enhanced use of EHR, and outreach. Read Data Infrastructure Discussion Summary. 

Additional Resources

Data Infrastructure for Managing Population Health [By IBM Watson Health]: This white paper discusses data warehouses and analytic tools in the context of population health management and in particular, optimizing care management, care coordination, and patient engagement. 

Predictive Analytics: An Overview for Community Health Centers [By NACHC]: This document discusses predictive analytics, the data and resources needed to predict a patient’s future behavior, identify how a Health Center can begin utilizing, successful examples of use, and expectations from predictive analytics. 

Health Information Exchange

Exchange of Health Information is integral to managing the care of complex, vulnerable and high-risk patients across the continuum of care in coordination with an array of care providers. Many of the HCCNs Participating Health Centers have accomplished levels of health information exchange through their existing EHR exchanges, via fax or direct messaging, or through other connections with local facilities and providers. 

Representatives from the Michiana Health Information Network (MHIN) and Indiana Health Information Exchange (IHIE) presented on the current and future state of health information exchange services in Indiana. We talked about the following questions:

  • What are my health center’s short-term and long-term goals for health information exchange?
  • What barriers and challenges am I facing that I hope we can solve together as a network?

Continue reading Health Information Exchange Summary.

Additional Resources

Health Information Exchange is increasingly essential to care coordination and population health management. Representatives from the Indiana Health Information Exchange and the Michiana Health Information Network will join us in the discussion about HIE.  The following are resources for HIE:

  1. HIE Roadmap
  2. HIE Q&A 
  3. HIE Bright Spots
  4. NACHC HIE:  Opportunities and Challenges for Health Centers

Quality Improvement:  Healthy People 2020

For Health Center Controlled Networks, HRSA has chosen Healthy People 2020 Goals as the corresponding targets for the UDS Clinical Quality Measures.  The goal is to work as a network to each attain five of the Healthy People 2020 Goals. 

To attain these goals, the Shared Strengths Project was proposed.  The Shared strengths project is a collaboration between IQIN members and the IQIN support team to improve member's performance on five Healthy People 2020 Goals. At the end of the session, polls assessed which factors are important when choosing goals.  Several factors were common throughout answers. Read Quality Improvement Results and Healthy People 2020 Rankings. 

This table displays the eight UDS Clinical Quality Measures that have corresponding Healthy People 2020 Goals.

Value, Efficiency, Effectiveness and Health Centers

HCCNs improve access to care, enhance quality of care and achieve cost efficiencies through the redesign of practices to integrate services, optimize patient outcomes, or negotiate managed care contracts on behalf of participating health centers. 

"Health Center Controlled Networks are a key tool in providing quality primary care to medically underserved communities," said Secretary Burwell. "By using these networks, individual health centers can work together to share resources, leverage buying power, and improve access to health information technology, leading to a better care experience for vulnerable populations."

HRSA does not define "value", "efficiency" or "effectiveness" and expects HCCNs to identify measures of value, efficiency and effectiveness that are relevant to the HCCN. At the December face-to-face meeting, HCCN attendees were asked to answer three questions in their small groups. A number of common themes emerged from the discussions in the small groups. 

Value Themes and Summary available here. 

Additional Resources

The Core Objectives in the HRSA-funded Health Center Controlled Network program are designed to support improvements in value, efficiency, and/or effectiveness of health center services. Additional information that may be of good reference is below:

  1. NACHC Value 
  2. American Journal of Public Health Nov 2016 Abstract 

Working Together. Building a Network. 

Indiana Quality Improvement Network HCCN Kick-Off Meeting Evaluation Results

Thank you to everyone who attended this kick-off. We have gathered all of the information from our overall survey and documented it for your review. Feel free to let us know if you have questions or further feedback! 

Survey Results here for your review.

Additionally, we have received requests for contact information of individuals who attended the kick-off meeting as well as a general roster of HCCN members. If you are interested please contact us for that information.