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 UDS Training presentation slide deck
 UDS Manual
 UDS Tables (PDF)
 UDS Tables (Excel)
 PAL 2017-1 for Reporting 2017 Data
 PAL 207- 4 for Reporting 2018 Data
 2017 Quick Fact Sheets
 UDS Training Webinar Flyer
 2016 UDS HCPC Grantee Adjusted Quartile Descriptions-FAQ
 UDS Assistance Resources
 QRS UDS BPHC Accessing UDS Reports in EHB
 QRS UDS LAL Acessing UDS Reports in EHB
 QRS for Acessing the UDS in EHB
 CY 2016 Formula Reference Guide For Report
 330 UDS 2016 Roll-ups National Universal
 Look-Alike 2016 Roll-ups National Universal
 BHW 2016 Roll- ups  National Universal
 BPHC 330 2016 at a Glance
 Look-A-Like 2016 at a Glance
 BHW 2016 at a Glance
 BPHC Clinical Measures Data Entry Tool
 2017 Clinical Measures Descriptions Handout
 2016 State Statistics
 HITEQ Information card
 Special Populations NCA Resources
 Checklist for Submissions
 Performance Data Collection Environment
 Helpful Codes for HIV and CAD Measures